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Information Article: Baby Blankets


hen we had young babies,  one of the hardest things for me to pass by in a store without feeling was baby blankets.  I like them of sizes and shapes, different materials and for different reasons.  I especially like the little ones babies can hold onto and not drag on the floor and it’s nice to have numerous ones to use as burp clothes.  Of course, I’ve always wanted a special new  crib blanket to cover them up in each night.  My youngest who is almost five, still asks to be covered by his as his bedtime routine.  

I think I have a blanket for each of my children they had when they were little – some quilted by me and some were special gifts.  I’ve had to even recover some of the blankets that got quite warn but our children wanted to keep. When my older children were infants, I would swaddle them nice and tight in their blanket, so they were snug and secure.  With my younger children I still used blankets to swaddle them, but I also liked using baby sling.  It gave me some free hands and the baby nice and close to me and protected from his/her siblings!

 I imagine some of the blankets my children have held on to will become keepsakes, and be passed down to their children.  But, I will probably start all over again with grandchildren trying to find that special blanket.



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