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In ‘Other’ Words: Finding Holy Ground in the Ordinary

“If I can’t find God in the ordinary places of life,
either I’m not looking hard enough
or he’s not nearly as approachable as I need him to be.

This is a paradox too.
God appears in all the ordinary places,
burning bushes,
naked Barbies,
plumbing disasters.
But when he does,
those places become holy.
Moses had to take his shoes off.”

~from an interview with Marcus Goodyear,
Barbies at Communion


he above quote is from an interview,  including the words of part of a poem Marcus Goodyear wrote.  I appreciated the sentences that also followed the above:  

That’s one reason why the formal-ness of poetry seems fitting to these images. Poetry is very formal. It’s a way of taking my shoes off and showing respect to God when I catch glimpses of him.

I have been enjoying writing for Multitude Monday for quite some time now, listing the gifts and joys we find in everyday life that we so often do not stop and thank God for.  As I read the above quote, I wonder, how often we are on holy ground when we find God in our everyday lives, when we acknowledge He is there, and has shown Himself.  I think of the sweet prayers our children will say – their child-like faith where there is no boundaries.  I think too of  the times I am “too busy” to see the beautiful displays of God, like tonight, when I was busily cleaning out some kitchen drawers and I did not want to get off the floor and see the “awesome moon” until my daughter said, “God made it mom – you gotta see it!”  Oh yes.  

I think of one of things I was so awestruck with in this past year, which I’ve written about before, is just days before our oldest son’s wedding and visiting his brother’s grave who was just 13 months younger, missing that he would be a part of our celebration on earth, and finding red mushrooms growing by his gravestone.  Red was Matthew’s favorite color.  I did not even know red mushrooms existed.  And God gave us a gift of His presence, to softly say, “Matthew is in His care and he knows and is celebrating too.”  It was indeed holy ground.  I should’ve removed my shoes.  I am still in awe of it, and now even started collecting red mushrooms for decorations.

I’ve been on holy ground in the hospital numerous times with my daughter when we were told she would not make it and the time she just happened to be there and go into heart failure.  I’ve been on holy ground when I held my dear friend’s baby as his heart beat slower and slower and he silently went to heaven.  I’ve been on holy ground when I get up in the morning and find little notes slipped under my bedroom door with “I love you mama” colored drawings.  And yes, I’ve been on holy ground when the younger girls did not want their brothers to see their naked Barbies and used black permanent markers to make them decent and the older sisters tore indecent pages out of the newspaper or magazines to protect their brothers hearts.

We have to make a point to find God in the ordinary places, but when we do, we hear His whispers and see Him everywhere . . . to be in awe, on holy ground.

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One thought on “In ‘Other’ Words: Finding Holy Ground in the Ordinary

  1. You capture perfectly those moments of awe! I too get wonderful love notes under my pillow and tucked into pockets and my purse. And the mushrooms…hospitals…I am filled with such joy and encouragement. Like you I don’t want to lose that sense of wonder in this creation. Ever.
    Thank you for joining in today, Friend. As always your words mean so much.

    All thru Him,

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