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Review: NoMoreRack


am a coupon user and one to shop for the best deals. I only have a couple of gifts yet to get for Christmas but I have all the gifts for all ten of my kids and our “extras” (two boyfriends, a girlfriend and my daughter-in-love) including having them all wrapped!  Some are amazed I could have it done already, but I start right away the next year, watching for things, setting things aside for birthdays and Christmas.  To buy a little as we go along is like my own layaway throughout the year.  I just forget sometimes what I got and where I put it!

One place that I started watching months ago is nomorerack.  They have eight daily deals each day that start at noon EST and are up for 24 hours, IF they last that long.  It’s amazing what can be available!  The items are just about anything you can imagine, from shoes to jewelry, magazine subscriptions, household items, name brand clothing, cameras, etc. and the prices are phenomenal, usually 80-95% off their normal price!    I’ve even noticed, unfortunately too late, some items that were free.  Shipping is only $2 per item which is also more than reasonable!

Of course, just like any online store you may hear of some nomorerack scam.  Just make sure you are truly on the nomorerack website and that when you check out your webpage is secure.  You’d think with items at such an amazing deal that you’d not be able to return them, but if they are returned in the original condition as purchased, items can be returned within thirty days for a credit on your account with nomorerack.  And yes, these items are brand new!

Another neat promotion nomorerack has is earning items with how many friends you refer.  Once you have set up an account, you can find your personal referral link and just share it with your friends through e-mail, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then just check  your referral account and every so often they offer something like a free belt for having six friends!  See . . . another great way to accumulate gifts throughout the year!

Check out the website for nomorerack and even check out the nomorerack reviews to give you confidence for this site!  And you will notice on their webpage the various places they have been featured on, including ABC’s The View, Country Living, Martha Stewart, USA Today, etc.

So, I am watching for more deals . . . for birthdays and Christmas for next year!



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