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Social Moms: “The Day Baby Was Born” On-Line Digital Storybook


regnant?   Want to make sure you jot down memories along the way?  The Day Baby Was Born is a FREE on-line digital storybook, somewhat like a journal, but much more.  Yes, you can keep a weekly pregnancy notes, sharing the changes, doctor’s appointments, maybe the first kick or when you feel the baby having hick-ups . . .  but it’s much more than that!  The Day Baby Was Born is connected to your Facebook wall, so even comments by your family and friends are kept in this digital storybook when you announce your pregnancy and birth announcement and you can even have pictures to go with it!  You can also preserve special news information of the day your baby was born, including the weather, political news, celebrity and sports news, the Dow Jones Average, President of the United States, and even the average cost of gas.

I especially like the memory making in The Day Baby Was Born” with writing your personal birth story.  On this page of the digital storybook, it even gives writing prompts such as “a few days before the baby was born . . . “, “when my water broke I was . . . “, “at the moment baby was born . . . “, or “our first visitors were . . . “.  It also allows for your writing a special letter to the baby.   With these chapters, you can have up to six pictures to share along the way.  I can imagine ultrasound pictures and mama belly pictures and of course those precious first pictures after the baby is born.

With knowing how fast children grow up, what a great way to preserve so much and share with family and friends. Well, I am not pregnant, but having had a dozen children, I checked it out with our youngest to see what information I could come up with.  I found it quite interesting to learn that on our son’s birthday Levi Strauss, the German-born clothing designer, was born  in 1829; President Abraham Lincoln signed the National Currency Act into law in 1863; and on his actual birthday President Obama formally joined the 2008 presidential race. It even gives the fact that our son was born 1639 days ago!

What a fun application The Day Baby Was Born is!  I sure wish this would have been available when I was having my children. But, I can imagine my children using this for my future grandchildren!  How fun to be able to keep up with it and what a great encouragement to preserve these special memories.  

You can view a sample storybook or watch a video about The Day Baby Was Born“.  

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