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Information Article: Promotional Products


eeping a business growing and the business name promoted is done from numerous different aspects.  My husband has a small engine repair business and though word of mouth is one of our most important ways of growing by satisfied customers talking, keeping his name out there and remembered is also important. Having people hear about him, and then seeing visually his business names imprints his business more in their minds and this does not mean just advertisements in a newspaper.  We have found that promotional products are very important part of his business.  There is many different ways to do this, including pencils and pens, magnetic business cards, hats, coffee cups, etc.

On my husband’s business truck he has large magnetic logo labels that give his business name and phone number. It’s on both sides and the back, so it’s easily visible.  So, when he is out doing pick-up and deliveries, along his route, potential customers see him picking up their neighbor’s items that need to be repaired.  They can easily write down his phone number and his business name is introduced to them.  Through the years several of our children and have worn the t-shirts with our business name on it and numerous times complete strangers asking where we are located and for a business card and they often tell us they have seen the business truck in their neighborhood.  

It is definitely work to grow a business and it sure helps to have the right items that can help us do so.



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