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Imperfect Prose: Wedding Dress


he tried on my wedding dress tonight.  It took my breath away.  Not that the dress was perfect on her, but the realization that my daughter is getting married.  It’s hard to believe  20 years ago at this time I was so anxious to have her and her twin sister, jumping down multiple stair steps,  taking long walks, anything to get labor going.  The doctor said I’d have the twins four to six weeks early.  They arrived the day before their due date – each just over seven pounds.  After three boys it was such joy to have two healthy baby girls. 

And now one of them pours over wedding catalogs and bridal shoppes on-line.  Tomorrow we go together to try on wedding dresses, meeting cousins, an aunt and grandma to share memory-making time.  She’s not going to wear my wedding dress, but she’s bringing along my veil which holds precious memories.  My mom-in-law bought it for me and it’s held it’s white sparkliness well.  Something old.

I took a deep breath as I saw her in my wedding dress, wondering where the time went and how we can still slow the time down.  But this is what it’s all about.  God blessed us with these treasured children, and they are finding godly mates, pursuing Him and wanting to start there own Christian homes.  What more can I really ask for?

I am a blessed mama, and thankful for this new normal sunset we are going towards ~ thankful for more joys than tears ~ more hope than darkness.  And looking forward even more for the Bridegroom to come  . . .



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