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Information Article: Plus Size Fashion


am finally joying to shopping for clothes again, for me.  A year or so ago, it was awful, thinking I’d have to go another size up.  Uggg.  I had all the names in my head from the “fat lady clothes” to make my own tents to wear.  But, having had surgery last fall that made me feel SO much better (not for weight) and then a son getting engaged and I did not want to wear a tent dress, got me a little more motivated to lose weight and lose two dress sizes.  I’m still considered a plus size (many stores start plus size at 12?!?!?)  but I am enjoying finding “smaller” plus sized clothing.  Now with my daughter just getting engaged and planning a spring wedding, I will be looking for new plus size dresses.  

There’s such a variety now available, from casual comfortable to elegant and formal that plus size fashion can be fashionable, appealing and certainly flattering!  I really look forward to finding something that my daughter will love AND I will love, for my mother-of-the-bride dress!  But as I lost 25 pounds for my son’s wedding, it would be nice to lose another 25 . . .  and I keep imagining . . . you know, I put a lot of weight on with a child, so if I keep working on this with the wedding of each them, imagine . . . I could be out of plus-sized clothing completely at some point!

But for now, I am enjoying shopping for my new size!



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