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A gift from heaven ~ red mushrooms


here just has not been much time this week to write with all the goings on preparing for our son’s wedding.  Our son who has been working at camp is home for the week and our other sons’ girlfriend is just getting back from France.  Personal shower was a few days ago and a lot of fun! Nails have been done for the twins and myself.  I still can’t decide for sure what to wear.  The vacuum broke today, of all days.  The place we are having the rehearsal dinner at does not decorate at all – they don’t even have vases or candy dishes we can use, so I’ve rounded those up!  Tuxes are in our closest for our boys and my husband.  I can’t wait to get our little guy ready as ring bearer!  And our daughter-to-be is so giddy and squeaks often in delight!  

The first time I found the mushrooms was near dusk, and they were a deep red. Only one shows in this picture.

Along with the wedding expectations and delights there is the bitter-sweetness missing two young men who should be standing by my son; one a lifetime friend of Stephen’s and also Stephen’s brother, Matthew, in heaven.  The other day I stopped by the cemetery. Matthew’s favorite color was red.  I think it still is.  Right by his gravestone two red mushrooms were growing! I never knew there was even such a thing!  I think a gift was sent to us as maybe God allowed the veil to be pulled away, giving him a glimpse of our happiness and he just wanted us to know he is a part of it too. The bitter-sweetness is a little sweeter.  

We so rejoice to celebrate a new family to begin and their future!  Can’t wait!  



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One thought on “A gift from heaven ~ red mushrooms

  1. Ahh…Friend…I am lifting you and yours.
    This is so beautiful and moving. I am surprised by how much. The tears just popped up!
    Much love to you and your overflowing cup.

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