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Information Article: BidRack



t use to be just eBay for online auctions, and the internet has blossomed with more and more auctions in various ways and types.  I’ve just learned of a new one called bidrack which I’ve been doing some reading and research on.   Each auctions starts and ZERO . . .  can’t get much lower than that! But there’s a timer on this auction.  Every time there’s a bid on an auction it goes up for another 15 seconds.  If no one else bids, you are the winner!  

Yes, there are costs.  It’s free to register and you get a free spin on the bidwheel to earn bonus bids.  But if you want to bid again, you need to buy bids, which cost about $.50 each depending on the bid pack you choose to buy.  As I am watching Bidrack, I am seeing some great deals.  What would you like to buy for an extreme discount?  I see everything from purses, to iPads to sunglasses! An iPad is certainly something I’d love and it would be fun to win one of those cheap! It’s kind of fun watching it . . .  I could see this become addicting!  I also saw a Hello Kitty watch up for bid and know my daughter would be so excited if I won that for her!

As with any auction sites, you have to be careful not to go overboard, but this one looks quite interesting, especially if you can watch for the items that are staying on the lower range and maybe even bidding on off hours or late, late night.  For all the birthday presents we have to purchase, this is definitely a possibility to help us out!



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