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Information Article: Buying Gold Bullion


ne thing both my husband and several of our children have had an interest in for quite some time, is gold bullion.  It is something they enjoy doing research on and watching on-line to see how much bullion may or may not be going up.   In his research, my husband has learned that the Chinese and Russians have stockpiled gold while the US Government show evidence of doing this.   In the long run this could hurt us because the value of the dollar isn’t represented by anything and is only set by the Federal Reserve. Because gold is increasing in value as the dollar weakens, gold can be a personal safe guard against inflation.  My husband has found that some precious metal experts predict that the value of gold could possibly double in the next two years.

If you do research, you may find financial advisors recommending to buy gold bullion as a prudent investment for securing current financial holdings and their values.  The illustration my husband gave me is that a person who has $1000 sitting in a regular bank has less financial security than a person who has purchased a gold IRA, gold coins or bullion.   My husband often tells people to do their own research to see if indeed it is a good investment for you to buy bullion



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