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Review: Selling Wholesale Products


s the economy has been unstable with many people laid off and looking for jobs more and more people are looking for means of starting their own business and becoming self-sufficient.  One way is selling wholesale products for on-line auctions such as eBay or possibly a small store front such as a dollar store.  The first and most important part is locating products that can be bought in bulk and a very low cost to make a quick turn around with some profit, to in turn, buy more!

For the wholesaler selling on eBay, he may want to concentrate his business in just one area, such as hats, watches, sunglasses, etc. and just buying and selling only those, making it possible to buy more of a quantity at one time, and be able to get a much better wholesale products price.   The one or two products the wholesaler may sell may change after awhile as new trends come and go.  It’s finding the right item, for the right time and the right low cost to make profit on.  A business owner of a dollar store type place, as to have a much bigger inventory with a lot of variety.



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