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Pearl Warning . . . It may kill your children


elow is a must read article, regarding great concerns of the discipline actions recommended by well-known homeschool author, Michael Pearl.   I usually try to avoid controversial content on my blog, but this is one of those that cannot be ignored, and must be passed on with the highest red flag alerts as possible.  Please click the links in the article.  Become informed.  Share with others.  We have read several of the Pearl’s books.  We used to get their “free” magazine.  Little by little our spirits were pricked with things that just did not seem right . . . and I am so thankful we turn away from their teachings.  So often we look to others for our convictions, rather than how God has, individually,  given us His convictions on our hearts.

The hard part in reading all this, is a child was beaten and killed for misprouncing a word during her homeschool reading lesson.  Homeschoolers are generally stricter, but we don’t kill.  We don’t beat our children.  This is not “typical”.  This was abuse.  This was murder.  Possibly the parents were misled to in following “man’s” discipline recommendations – rather than God’s.

Senseless Deception

Below are some of the links referred to in the above link, but they are very important to read:

I also found an article very relevant to go along in marriages, that women are not treated as “doormats” into submission.
Help for Hurting Marriages.

This is something not to hide under the rug until it’s too late.  Let’s be proactive.



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