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My Daughter is in the Hospital . . .


y daughter, Jessica, was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  My husband & I are with her, about three hours from home.  Jessica is our daughter who has had three open heart surgeries.  She is in because of extreme pain which was first thought to be gallbladder.  Though she does have gallstones, they are not completely sure if it is her gallbladder and running a series of tests.   Because of her heart condition, she is also on coumadin, a blood thinner, so if she needs surgery it needs to be closely monitored.  They  have already taken her off the coumadin, and are giving her heparin shots which can be monitored more closely if she needs surgery.  She will be having a HIDA SCAN to determine if her gallbladder is working right.  We sure hope to get some answers today.  Please pray for Jessica.  She is quite discouraged with the pain and not getting the help she’d like.

My husband also had hernia surgery on Monday, and we have done a LOT of running around the hospital for over 9 hours on Tuesday from one end to the next, going to tests, and having to move our car from one side of the hospital to the next. We got here at 3 pm and never really got settled in our room until almost midnight and Norm after this in the hotel.  He is especially worn down, so please pray for healing for him.

For those that I do book reviews for . . . I have a couple ready to go up, but if the one for you has not gone up, I apologize, and can get to it later.  Right now, this with my daughter is top priority.  Thank you for your understanding.


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  1. My nephew when he was born had to have heart surgery. The tubes in his heart, the one for inhale and exhale was inter switched. He was less than a month old when he had his first operation. It was draining… for all of us. So I will pray for you and your family. When we had the crisis, people prayed for us too. Take good care.

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