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Book Reviews: God Gave Us Christmas and God Gave Us Love

Here are two delightful books that you might just want to get before Christmas to read to some special little ones in your life.  Both books are by Lisa Tawn Bergren with art by Laura J. Bryant with the stories about a Little Cub, her Mama and Grandpa.

I loved God Gave Us Christmas because the author made it so clear that God is the emphasis – not Santa.  Little Cub asks,

“Can we find Santa, Mama?
He lives ’round here someplace, I think.”

“Hmm.  Santa is hard to find,” said Mama.
“But we can go find God.  God is everywhere.”

The story continues with how Little Cub and Mama find Christmas,  the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus being the best present of all and the awesome truth of God’s love for us.

God Gave Us Christmas is a  40 paged book, perfect to read to young ones to understand more about Christmas, especially when those around are focusing on gifts and Santa.  It would make a special time for grandparents to read to their grandchildren or to read in young one’s Sunday School class.

God Gave Us Love is aanother terrific book to teach children about loving others (even their own siblings) who might be different and understanding how even how we can love someone one minute and the next minute they are so pesky and bugging us!

“Because while we want to love others
as God loves us,
we don’t always feel like loving them.
But when we choose to,
it’s always the right thing.”

Grandpa Bear shares about the different kinds of love Little Cub will experience such as the love between friends, families, moms and dads, and from God. God Gave Us Love is also a 40 paged,  wonderful teaching book and this too would make a wonderful gift.

These books were provided for review by WaterBrook Press and these reviews expresses my honest opinion.


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