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Fall Bloggy Carnival Giveaway: New Mosaic Bible

The entries for this giveaway have ended and the True Random Number Service picked entry #3.


Biblen the last several days, I’ve had two posts on the new Mosaic Bible (NLT).  The first was my review and the second was a guest blog post by Mr. Stephen Vosloo, Senior Designer of the Mosaic Bible.  Along with each post is the opportunity to ask questions about it and either Mr. Vosloo or Mr. Keith Williams, the editor of the Bible, who will be posting answers in the comment section.  I also have the opportunity to give away a copy of this new Mosaic Bible in the form a gift certificate, for you to take to your local Christian bookstore to redeem!

Fall GiveawayI am having this giveaway also be a part of the Fall Bloggy Carnival Giveaway at Joyfully Living for His Glory.  Read the posts on this Mosiac Bible and you are welcome to leave your comment either here or with one of the two above posts mentioned. Leave extra comments if you have posted on your blog, FB or Twitter for extra extries.  I will number each of the comment/questions through the three posts and then have a random number generator pick one. Entries will end Sunday, November 1, 2009 @ 10 pm EST.   Winner will be e-mailed and announced in the comment section by their comment.  Be sure to visit the Fall Bloggy Carnival Giveaway for the opportunity to win other items in this giveaway!


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11 thoughts on “Fall Bloggy Carnival Giveaway: New Mosaic Bible

  1. I would love to win this bible! I have read a few reviews of it, and it seems like a wonderful study resource. 🙂

    ENTRY #16

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