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In ‘Other’ Words: Is All Well?

Believer . . .
banish your fears;
cast out all doubts;
lift up the happy head;
clap the exulting hands;
give thanks.
Your heavenly Father cannot set you in wrong place.
Your loving Savior cannot lead you in wrong paths.
All is well.

~ Henry Law


ut . . . is all well?  Do we really claim this?  I “believe” in my head this is so true . . . but my heart sure can get stirred up with every day stuff.  These last couple of weeks we have gone through big changes.  It was MUCH easier with boys graduating from high school and going on to college . . . but not with my twin daughters who have just started college classes.  It’s now many times four teenaged kids riding in a car, 45 minutes to class.  That alone gets my heart stirred up.  What if . . . they are playing music too loud, or the driver texts while driving?  What if the are just goofing around and the driver misses a stop sign?  What about boys hitting on them?  Will they be aware enough?  They think daddy is too protective for having them carry mace and not going into the parking lot to look for their brother’s car.  Did these girls just all of a sudden grow up overnight?  Does 18 mean they really are adults? What if . . .  and the roller coaster of the soap operas of life continue on fast forward in my mind.

And then, I see these young women, choose good friends at school – finding a good group of Christian kids – even kids who walked out of a classroom when the teacher blasphemed God.  I see them continuing to still care – not just for their siblings, but now more into the community.  These girls who just had a graduation party are saving a good portion of their money gifts to attend Passion 2010 with their brothers and other young Christian adults and will hear John Piper speak in person (yes, I am jealous!) along with Beth Moore and others.   They are excited about God and want to grow!

Do my fears all banish?  Nope – but I keep giving them and the fears over to God, and, admittedly I sneak them back and try to be the potter, working out details, and then submit them all back to the True Potter.  But I can rejoice and give thanks to see my children continuing to want to follow God.  And I have to remember with these precious treasures I have on earth that will be with me in heaven, the Heavenly Father will not set them either, in the wrong places or on the wrong paths. I have to continue to pray they will choose the right paths and places, and trust God to lead them.

Yes, ~ All is well ~ I just need the reminders, and to listen to that Still Small Voice.

Ephesians 6:13

This week JENNIFER is our hostess for IOW, sharing on the quote at the top of this post and is writing on it on her blog Scraps & Snippets. Be sure to visit her site and the links to the other women who have shared on this quote. Then come back here on Friday, for next Tuesday’s new quote for In ‘Other’ Words. Be blessed.



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2 thoughts on “In ‘Other’ Words: Is All Well?

  1. Sometimes it’s even harder to remember those things about our children than it is about ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if “giving it to God” was a one-time thing and then it was done?? Thanks for sharing this today…and yes, it is funny that we started and ended the same! 🙂 Beautiful post!

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