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Book Tour, Review & Giveaway: Blue Like Play Dough by Tricia Goyer

Y PlayDoughou might find yourself thinking  your best friend is sharing with you, as you read through this book, Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God by Tricia Goyer.   This book is a gift filled with raw honesty, laughter and encouragement as this mom shares her ups and downs, failures and triumps as she allows God to continue to mold her . . . like play dough.

It’s so easy for us moms to think we are not doing enough, spending enough time with God, our children and husband.  I loved the way she put this:

. . . the most devoted people are moms who whisper prayers for their neighbor, their friend or brother (who’s messing up yet again) while watching their children play in the sandbox.  Moms who try to read their Bibles while Dora the Explorer is on the TV . . . Moms who stop to talk with an elderly man at the grocery store about the creamed corn, not because they even like creamed corn, but because they want to show a lonely person the love of Jesus.

The author, also a homeschool mom of three children, who also took care of her grandmother and an exchange student in her home, shared about the struggles of keeping up with her home.

It’s not as if God says, ‘I was going to visit you today, but I think I’ll wait until you balance that checkbook, clean out your fridge, and start that Bible study you’ve been meaning to get around to.’ God’s not like that. He walked with dirty, smelly shepherds and hung out with jailed prophets, so I don’t think my waist-high laundry pile is going to scare Him off.

The author’s life has not been one of ease. She shares about her early teenage years, being pregnant her senior year of highschool, with big dreams that did not include this.  I loved her thoughts on homeschooling.  Many of my friends say they could never do it.  She said so too:

I used to have an idea of what homeschooling moms were like – until I became one. While I admired that lifestyle, it was so not me . . . I’m more likely to drive through Starbucks than to press fresh carrot juice. I watch Heroes with my kids and spend more time surfing the web than weeding an organic garden . . . Whenever anyone asked me whether I’d be homeschooling our kids, I laughed at the idea.

BUT. . .

My decision to homeschool was a conscious choice to give my children time. Time to learn, time to grow up together. Little did I know how much the time would teach me. Little did I know how much God would draw my heart to His in the process.

Sometimes as moms we worry about the traumas our children go through.  We want to put that protective fence around them, or wrap them in bubble wrap.  Tricia also tells the story of taking her grandfather into her home as he is dying, yet concerned about her children witnessing this.  You will be touched by the lessons the whole family learned, and the yearn for heaven even by the youngest.

The hard stuff isn’t easy.  And seeing God mold our kids often hurts even more than feeling His hand on us.  But it’s also through the hard stuff that we see God in different ways.  We discover an element of His goodness that had before been unknown.  Undiscovered.

Often God works with us, shaping us with situations and people who we don’t think we’re prepared to handle.  Yet we handle them because He doesn’t leave us alone to deal with them.  Instead, He holds us and molds us as we hold and care for those who need to feel a loving touch.

Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God is a book for moms of all ages and highly recommended.  This 195 paged book is easy reading and would also make a great gift for a mom, even a wonderful baby shower gift!

And, I have one to give away! All you need do is leave a comment with this post.  Also, if you post about this giveaway on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.,  with a link back to this post, leave a comment per place you told about it, and each will count as an entry.  Entries to this end Friday evening 10 p.m. EST.  Shipping is free to those within the USA.   I will leave a note by the winner’s entry and e-mail them as well.



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22 thoughts on “Book Tour, Review & Giveaway: Blue Like Play Dough by Tricia Goyer

  1. thanks for sharing from the book! . . . Sounds like a great book for all women!
    Drop my name in the hat too! I would like to add this book to my women’s ministry library!


  2. I posted this page on my Face Book page.
    This is one of those books that will end up dog-eared and cross-referennced and lent-out. Yes, please put me in the draw for it.


  3. Wow, I can totally relate to this mom. I have a child with special needs and I often get discouraged when my house is overflowing with clutter. Thanks for the reminder that the Lord looks at my heart, not my house. I’d love to be included in this giveaway. Thanks!


    1. The automated number generator picked #13! (See 13 is NOT an unlucky number!!) I will e-mail you so you can e-mail me back your address info!

  4. I could sooo use this book!!!
    As a SAHMM of 3 children under 6.. 1 of who is special needs…life can be STRESSFULL!!
    I could use a fresh perpective from another mother of 3 children.


  5. I found your blog for the first time today – sadly through the comment you left on a caringbridge page for the young boy that died, Tim. I am a reader of another blog that linked there, and I’m glad I found your blog. The first thing I did was run over to Amazon and order that $5 subscription to Country Living! Thanks for that tip! This book sounds very good. Whether I win a copy here or not it will be on my list of books to read this year for sure. I look forward to checking on your blog more in the future. I blog very sporadically, mostly pictures for now.
    Thanks again for the tip on the subscription – I’m going to enjoy that!


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