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Wednesday’s Walk: A Toy Garage Blessing


Stephen garageould you believe that God cares about a toy garage for a two year old  . . .  well, really, for a mom? Today my husband and I were watching our youngest son, age 2 1/2 playing Kids playroomwith his cars on my jewelry storage boxes.  He was inventing his own little garage, with all the noises and rumblings.  It caught that little heart jolt in both my husband and I as we watched him, remembering our oldest three playing cars together.  I am sure one of the reasons God sent our baby son to us is to help us remember those memorable busy days when our oldest three were toddlers.   It was decided in my mind, he needs a car garage.

A few hours later we had to go to a doctor’s appointment.  We don’t go to this section of town often, but it’s very close to a resale store.  I convinced my husband to go for a quick 15 minute visit.  I was praying that I’d find a play garage as we were driving in.  I was still whispering the prayer as I walked through the store.  And when I got to the toy section, I asked, “Okay, God, where is it?” as I glanced around.  Yup, there it was!  Baby GarageI was so thrilled!  My husband saw the glow on my face as I almost skipped back to him with my garage blessing. (Being only $2.99 helped too!) I called home to tell the kids, “I prayed for a garage for the baby . . . guess what I got?!?!”  My daughter laughed.  She knew.

And the baby loved it and played with it for hours.  Precious memories remembered – precious memories being made and savored – thankfulness and renewed awe to my Savior who even cares for little things . . . like a toy garage.

This post is in participation with the  Wednesday’s Walk meme.  Read other’s memories and join in!


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Walk: A Toy Garage Blessing

  1. I liked this story of how God supplied the little toy garage for your toddler! I often pray for little things like that and it is so much fun to see how God provides! Isn’t our LORD AWESOME?!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how God supplies? What a great memory to share today Loni. I started participating in this meme after reading about some of your special memories. I thank you for that, friend.

  3. Brings back memories of our boys playing with their toy garage. Isn’t it exciting to see how God answers even the “little” prayers and desires of our heart?

  4. Loni, that’s awesome! I just love hearing stories like that. It reminds me of my paint story from last week – and also another paint story I didn’t tell. God hears all of our prayers – big and little needs are all important to him. 🙂
    It was fun having you join in this week! I hardly ever respond in a timely manner, but I usually get to it eventually. ha!

    Love ya.

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