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Book Review: Learn to Study the Bible: 40 Different Step-by-Step Methods

TStudy the Bible1his is a very interesting handbook for studying the Bible, for the new Christian, to the Christian who has been reading God’s Word for fifty years. Learn to Study the Bible: Forty Different Step-by-Step Methods to Help You Discover, Apply and Enjoy God’s Word is written by Andy Deane, who is an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in central New Jersey where he oversees a  junior high ministry.

This 248 page book contains 40 different methods of studying your Bible, from basic Bible study methods, major Bible study methods to creative Bible study methods, and not just in written words, Study the Bible2but also by example with handwritten notes to show how it can be done.  There are methods such as Daily Bread (basic – one of the simplest ways to begin discovering the specific truths in five steps); Timothy Method (basic – using 2 Timothy 3:16-17, find the doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness); Verse-by-Verse Charting (major – using a five-column chart), Bible Characters, Biblical Topics and Bible Themes.  One of my favorite methods I use, that I usually have called the Inductive Bible Study Method, is a combination of a few studies in this book, including, Chapter Details, Book Overview, Book Details and the Messy Bible Method.  (I thought that funny!  I do like to mark my Bible!).

Learn to Study the Bible is ideal for anyone to encourage them – from the seasoned Christian who needs to find new ways to discover God in the Scriptures, to the new Believer, who just does not know where to start and how to even begin studying God’s Word.  This handbook would be ideal for highschool homeschoolers, learning to use different Bible study methods, using it as a one or two year curriculum as they work through the different methods and Scripture.  It would also be ideal for a graduation or birthday gift, for young and old alike. It’s recommended!



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