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In Other Words: What is God doing?


he was only 17 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4B lymphoma cancer, the final stage before death.  The doctors at the University of Michigan gave her a 5% chance of living.  Coming from a  single parent homeschooling home of 10 children, her mom did not know how she could pay for a  funeral, let alone a burial plot.  I called the funeral home we used and the owner of it told us he’d be willing to donate a burial plot in the same cemetery our son and daughter are buried.  Maybe our faith was weak making these plans?  Many prayers were said for Anna.  Many, literally crying out for God to heal her, including Anna.  God healed her in the way we were all hoping, but probably not expecting.  Anna is alive and well and her story of healing is written in this book, The Power of Crying Out: When Prayer Becomes Mightyby Bill Gothard. But the miracle does not stop here!Annapreg

Her body appeared to go through menopause and was told that the chemo would  destroy her reproductive organs.  DOCTORS told her  told her she’d never have children. God numbered her days, and they are not over!  He healed her womb and breathed lives into her! Just one week before Mother’s Day, on May 3, 2009, Anna gave birth to twin boys! The babies, Wesley Cole (4 lbs. 4 0z) and Walker Garrett (3 lbs 6 oz) were born a month early by emergency c-section because Anna had a painful Annainfection that turned out to be shingles. To avoid the babies getting chicken pox from the shingles she was not able to see them for days after giving birth, and finally, one day after Mother’s Day she finally convinced the doctors to let her hold her sons!

I’ve seen Anna show the joy of the Lord, through the valley of the shadow of death, to praising God even though her heart ached as she wanted to hold and see her babies.   When it had been four days since the babies had been born, still not seeing or holding them, she wrote,

God gave me this song today @ 6:47 am . . . I may not be able to understand everything but I stand  amazed that God knows. He took my sorrow and pain on Himself a long time ago on the cross. Jesus is crying with me.  He has a plan. All I can do is stand amazed.”

Anna continued on with the words of the hymn, My Savior’s Love.  She has demonstrated this week’s In Other Words quote.  Please pray for her healing and for sons to grow and stay healthy so she and her husband, Glenn, can bring them home soon.

Thank you Anna, for continuing to serve Him, thanking Him, praising Him ~ even when you have not had a clue as to what work He is doing in you.  You are indeed a miracle . . . what miracles you hold . . . what an awesome God we serve!

Today I am hosting this weeks In Other Words, writing on the quote above.  I invite you to share on your blog your thoughts on the quote and then come back here and click the Mr. Linky box below and leave your blog link.  If you have not written on the quote – that is fine.  Comments appreciated too!  🙂



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16 thoughts on “In Other Words: What is God doing?

  1. What an incredible testimony Loni!!! Thanks for sharing this. I’m so excited for your friend.

    I’m be praying for those precious babies too♥

  2. Anna’s testimony is truly amazing! I will join in prayer for Anna and her babies. It puts things into perspective when you read about what other people are going through and yet …still praise and worship God.

  3. This was a truly awesome story! It is amazing how sometimes when we don’t see God at work is when He’s working His hardest. Thanks for sharing and for hosting with such a great quote.

  4. What an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness. When the world says it’s not possible…God says it is!!! WOW…what a powerful story.

    I’ll be praying for these SWEET…sweet…boys.

  5. Loni, this is a beautiful story. Our God is truly Jehovah Raffa, God our healer!!! Anna’s story makes real another name of God, Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is with me. Thank you for sharing this with us today. What a blessing!!

  6. Loni! What an amazing story of God’s grace, healing, and power! We all know that there are stories like this one, but it isn’t often that we actually get to share in the joy of this kind of miracle. Thank you so much for sharing this with us today! Nina

  7. Loni, thanks for the great quote and sharing God’s miracle in Anna’s life and those precious little guys! May they grow to honor and glorify the Lord.

  8. Thank you for Anna’s story.She is an amazing woman.I became a very close friend to her while living here in TN.God has many great things he wants to do and use Anna to bring glory to his name.

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