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Mamalicious Monday ~ Airplane Birthday Cake Directions

(There’s a slight update with this post. The button graphic right here below has changed, because . . . I WON for this drawing! Thank you Heather!)


he Gift Closet (where one of my Bracelet Stories bracelets is being given away) is hosting another unique giveaway, and in order to be a part of the giveaway, we need to post anything “mom-related”.  Well, the 2nd birthday of my 12th child, my baby boy was just over a week ago, and I wanted to post one of these pics anyway, and it’s certainly “mom-related”!

2ndbdOhhhh, it’s so hard to believe he is two already.  He is such a spoiled little munchkin!   I think his siblings were just as excited about his birthday as he was.  For weeks he has been talking about his birthday cake.  In one of my cookbooks he saw an airplane cake.  He LOVES airplanes.  Last spring he saw his siblings take airplane rides at our local airport, and he was hooked.  He will  hear an airplane well before the rest of us, and run to the window to look for it.

airplanecakeSo whenever we’d mention his birthday cake, he’d tell us “AIRPLANE cake”.  One of my twin daughters helped me.  I had this on my facebook and several asked for the directions in how to make and for some reason I could not get it to send.  So, I thought I’d share it here.

This birthday cake design and recipe came from Bakers Easy Cut-Up Party Cakesbakerscookbook(If you click the link, there’ are several available for $1 – $2 on Amazon)  I love this book.  It is put out by the makers of various Kraft items, including Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut. It has wonderful, easy to use cake ideas – from snowmen, to boats, hearts, a pink pig and and Spot the Dog!   It may be hard to see by the picture, but it is mainly coconut covering the cake.  Just a few drops of food coloring will color the coconut.  It was quite easy to do.

Below is a scan from the page in how to make this cake along with the recipe.



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2 thoughts on “Mamalicious Monday ~ Airplane Birthday Cake Directions

  1. Thanks so much for this, my son is turning 2 this July and is crazy for airplanes, sounds like your son, ha ha!
    We are going to make this, it will be a huge hit!!!!
    Thank you , thank you thank you:)

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