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Say It FORWARD – Meet Debbie

Iso love the idea of this new meme!  5 Minutes For Mom is hosting a blog carnival called Say it FORWARD.  The idea of this is to feature one of our loyal commenters. I cannot reply to all of the comments or e-mails from my readers, or visit their blogs  each time.  Yet, each are so much appreciated.   Some I have known for many years that I call my friends.  Some I’ve just met and we have just clicked.  I look forward to this meme in sharing with you about some of my favorites.

My first one is going to my “new friend” who I met after Jessica’s emergency open heart surgery.  Here is her first comment to me which followed with numerous other comments and personal e-mails:

I found your blog after reading your guest post this morning on Mipas Monologue.  I’m so glad I came to visit!  I can empathize with Jessica totally.  You see, I also had open heart surgery as a child and well remember being intubated, chest tubes, etc.  I remember not knowing if I would ever wake up as a seven year old girl.  I became a cardiovascular nurse as an adult!  For more than 20 years, I worked with cardiac patients in a variety of capacities from ICU, surgery, cardiac rehab, etc.  For years I worked with a cardiovascular surgeon and was the nurse who did all the communication with the families.  So the nurse who gave you updates would have been someone like me.  I’m no longer working as a nurse but I still have relationships with many of the patients I met.  God is so good and He will work in your daughter’s life in ways you cannot even imagine.  Give her a hug from another survivor and thriver who also has a scar down the center of my chest.  God will use this for His purposes!

Meet my new friend, Debbie.  I don’t know a lot about her personally, but, we’ve connected like friends right away.  She’s been a great encourager, helping me understand things with Jessica, and even wrote a note to Jessica to encourage her and let her know she understands what she is going through.  Just her little notes have brightened many days.  Debbie’s blog, Heart Choices, has such a variety of posts, including posts for “Fitness Friday” and “Thankful Thursday”.

awardSo, publicly, I thank you Debbie for allowing God to use what you have gone through to encourage others, which you have done with my daughter and myself.  You are a blessing! (Here’s your badge!)


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7 thoughts on “Say It FORWARD – Meet Debbie

  1. Loni-
    I’ve been a bit behind in my blog reading and wanted to catch up. Much to my surprise, I suddenly saw my photo! You are too kind …but I thank you. I love to have the opportunity to encourage others. I remember how frightening it was as a child going through my heart surgery and if in some small way I can help Jessica, I want to do so.

    You know it’s interesting because I’ve been going through some challenges lately. Reading this post encouraged me to continue to trust the Lord with all of the circumstances of my life. I want to be used for His purposes. Thank you Loni and Jessica!

  2. I popped over here from Debbie’s blog 🙂 I loved the pictures of your mountain home – so beautiful! It reminds me of two books by Hannah Hurnard: Hinds Feet on High Places and Mountains of Spices – two of my most favorite reads! I look forward to coming back and visiting your blog soon! So glad I stopped by 🙂

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Kate 🙂

    1. Welcome Kate for the visit here . . . I am not sure what picture you saw ~ but I don’t live in a mountain home! 🙂 We are in the country, in Michigan. There’s no mountains! Maybe a picture I have here posted somewhere looked like mountains?!?! 🙂 But please come back! 🙂

  3. HAHA! I emailed you as well – how silly of me 🙂 I got my blogs all mixed up this morning! Again, I’m just gonna blame it on having “pregnant brain”! I don’t know how I managed to leave the wrong comment on the wrong blog…too funny 🙂

    Have a great day!
    -Kate 🙂

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