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Christmas Day Jessica Joy Update

It’s been a pretty quiet day here.

Christmas Day ~ Making Gingerbread House
Christmas Day ~ Making Gingerbread House

It was not a quiet night of sleep. Jessica’s room is right across from the nurses’ party break room, so they were having their staff parties during the night.  Our room’s door kept getting left open and there was talking outside of it.  There was a separate nurse for the baby in the room, so there were many interruptions throughout the night.  I got up about 6 times to shut our door – the last time, I shut it a little louder, and it seemed to stay shut better!  Tonight should be better.

Jessica’s INR (blood thinning level test) is still too low.  It was 1.9 today and it needs to be a minimum of 2.5 two days in a row before they will release her.  Please be praying for this.  She says her pain level is at a 3.  This is the lowest she has said!

We definitely have to be Jessica’s advocate here.  It got to be close to 11 a.m. and the INR test was not done.  I asked why, to find out that it had not been ordered!  So, tonight I asked the nurse if it was ordered for tomorrow morning and again, it wasn’t!  It!  One night she did not get her Coumadin (blood thinner) until I asked and found out it was forgotten!  This is the main reason we are here now!

jessicachristmasdinner-smallWe received a “real” Christmas lunch today.heatherchristmasdinner A local church brought over a honey spiral ham, real mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, rolls, etc. for the entire floor.  It was so nice and there were quite a few people there, including the coach from Cornerstone & his wife.  Their three month old baby boy is doing well.

It was interesting with one of the cardiologists that came in to check on Jessica today.  I’ve tried to make it a point to thank all the workers, docs and nurses who come in to do their jobs, thanking them for working on Christmas Day.  I thanked this particular doctor and he said he did not celebrate Christmas because he is Jewish.  Then he told me it was the talk amongst the doctors of the miracle of Jessica.  I had the opportunity to give God the credit and how thankful we are for the gift of her life, and the gift of Jesus!

Norm came back tonight and they let Jessica leave the floor for an hour so we took her down to the cafeteria to pick out what she wanted to eat.  She had to wear a mask down there.  By her walking, you’d never know that 6 days ago she had OH surgery!  One week ago at this time, she was beginning to go into heart failure.  What an awesome journey of God’s faithfulness!


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