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Jessica’s Christmas Eve Update

Blessings of Christmas Joys & Miracles from our Family to Yours
Blessings of Christmas Joys & Miracles from our Family to Yours

This will be a shorter update, being it’s Christmas Eve and I know so many are spending time with family.  The rest of my family back home is at a Christmas Eve service.  Jayson is  singing “While You Were Sleeping” by Casting Crowns along with playing his guiar.  I am missing my kids terribly tonight, our Christmas birthday cake for Jesus and just being together.

It was a good, busy day.  Jessica did not have an MRI, but had a full bone/body scan.  She still had to lay still for two 20 minute periods and did very very well.  I am so thankful!  She also had a series of x-rays.  Her lungs look clear except just a tiny portion of the bottom of one, but a great change.

We were actually hoping and praying to go home on Christmas day.  It was going to be a surprise for the kids, but Jessica’s blood thinning levels are not good yet – too thick. It needs to be thin enough so it does not stick in her mitral valve.  We need to have two good blood tests in a row.  So, the earliest would be Friday, but if we have one good day, and the next is not good, we start over.  So, it’s a little discouraging at this time.

Jessica is doing fantastic.  It’s really unbelievable how much strength she has.  She walks right along like nothing happened.  She and Heather played WII – doing sports games for two hours and JESSICA won against her 17 year old sister!  She’s been eating and drinking better today – even asking for food.

Someone from orthopedic surgery is suppose to give me a report tomorrow on all her scans and x-rays.

Though it’s sad being away from our family all I have to do is look at Jessica, and be overwhelmed with such a wonderful “Christmas Miracle”.  May you all have a blessed Christmas.


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3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Christmas Eve Update

  1. Merry Christmas Loni! Thank you for the update. I’m sorry you aren’t together at Christmas, but I can’t help but think how horribly sad it would have been to be together – without Jessica – and I can only rejoice with you that you at least have the opportunity to be together soon to celebrate Christmas soon.

    I know that you miss Matthew today too – just as we miss Anna – and I hope that the happy/funny memories of him will replace the sadness and longing with peace and joy.

    Continuing to pray…

  2. Hi Loni,

    It’s good to hear of God’s provision. We’ll let mom and dad know. Thanks for the info on facebook.


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