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Jessica’s Sunday Update

It’s been a very good day, despite mom having to put her boxing gloves on to allow her daughter to win a battle!  Jessica accomplished a lot today, and it’s been a busy, long and demanding day.  I should be an RN by the time we are done here. 🙂

I was up to Jessica’s room by 7 am (those that know me that is very early) and she was sitting up, hair all pretty and braided and a sparkle in her eyes.  You know how we moms so look forward to the first smile from our newborn babies.  It’s not any different with getting the first smile from Jessica today.  It melted my heart.

Four lines were taken out today. She had a line directly to her heart that measured pressures that came out along with medication lines in each wrist and her “pee tube” as we called it.  She has been up to go potty  four times now.  By 11 am she had eaten about 20 mandarin oranges.  It also brightened her morning to get a call from our pastor and she was able to talk to him.  We cannot get personal calls in ICU, but pastors have special privileges!  🙂

First time sitting up - not thrilled.
First time sitting up - not thrilled.

They had her sit in a rocking chair late morning. This was very hard for her.  There are still three large chest tubes and these seem very heavy on her chest and caused a great deal of pain.  She could only sit up about a half hour the first time and it discouraged her to want to do it again.  The morning was good, but the afternoon she was more down especially with the pain.

She had an x-ray in the morning which showed her stomach is filled up with air and if she did not move around this will not come out, and it makes her feel like she is full and she won’t eat.  So they put a tube down – like a feeding tube – to suction it out – but left it there and it was very uncomfortable in her dry nose and the back of her throat.  She did not want to eat.  They got air out and it cause her to burp, so mom had to push to have them take it out. At first the nurse would not go along with it because of “protocol” but protocol does not mean much to a mom all the time.  I asked for the doctor and she could see how this was discouraging Jessica.  We were able to make a deal with Jessica that if it came out, she would sit in a chair for an hour.

She did better than that!  She sat in the chair for over 90 minutes! She also ate another cup of mandarin oranges.  She went on her Facebook and was able to chat with a couple of friends.  Those of you who are on her Facebook, please leave her notes.  It’s really encouraging, but please do not mention  Christmas.  She is very disappointed about not being able to go home (has cried about this several times) and wants to go to her  grandparents  to see her cousins.  We are telling her we can celebrate Jesus’ birthday anytime – so it will be later.

We got her all bathed, hair brushed & braided & her  PJ bottoms on.  She looks like a new girl!  After this, she went for a walk, walking about 30 feet one way and back. She did real good.  It wiped her out, and she’s now been sleeping several hours very soundly.  She has not slept good at all during the day and was awake quite a bit last night.

Besides getting the air out, and strengthening her body, there is a major concern of a bed sore on her bottom and has just the start of one.  It’s not broken through – but it’s deep dark red like a sunburn.  Because of her neck/back/spine problems, she cannot lay on her sides.  The doctor told her if she did not get up and get in different positions, and the bedsore got bad, she could end up spending months here.  I think that scared her (and us).

So, continue praying, especially for the pain level, which seems better today (she is off morphine & started  a new pain med that seems to be working better and longer) that the bedsore does not develop and for the emotional and physical strength to keep getting up, sitting up, walking and eating.

My husband had originally planned on going home today but we were socked with another major snowstorm so he stayed (which was good for him to catch up on some sleep).  He plans on going home Monday and needs to have the rental car back by 3 pm so please pray for his safety and alertness. Also pray for our kids at home.  Our baby really is missing me and up more during the night. It’s been quite demanding on our oldest daughter.  We have it arranged for several of her different friends to take turns spending time with her to help her.  There have been meals brought over as well. She does not want adult help as it means more pressure for her to get things more cleaned up, so her friends her age will be of great encouragement.

Well, this is a long update, but it should fill you all in.  Several have e-mailed about visiting and at this time we cannot have visitors in ICU.  Once we are out of the room it is a possibility BUT, visitors have to be 100% healthy – absolutely no colds, flus, etc.  in the family.  But we can update more on that later as well.


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5 thoughts on “Jessica’s Sunday Update

  1. I’ve just come from Lynette’s blog, I haven’t been here in a while, so didn’t know about your daughter being in hospital. I’m praying for full recovery for her.

  2. I am glad she is doing better, and able to get up, sit up, and walk! And believe me, tell her she doesn’t want to get a bed sore, minor or major! Even a slight one can be a HUGE pain…so to speak! And the more you walk, the better it is, even tho it really hurts and tires you out at first. Tell her to keep up the good work, and she’ll be dancing in the ailses in no times! LOL

    Ya’ll are in my prayers!

  3. Continuing to pray and am so thankful for your updates Loni. I love the pictures too. Tell Jessica she’s doing a great job and I’m impressed with her strength. I hope today is a good one Jessica and for all of you (including those at home)- and that Norm is able to get the rental car back without any trouble.


  4. Hello Loni,
    just arrived in MI. drove thru that snow storm Norm wanted to go home in. It was good he stayed at the hotel to catch up on sleep. We were white knuckled when arriving. Wow We will pray for Jessica. Tell her that Mrs Glidewell had that blotting problem after her surgery (C-Section) It was so uncomfortable I didn’t want to eat either. They told me to walk the more I walked the better I would get. I just did a lot of praying. Thanks for the updates. Really neat to see God’s hand in everything.
    The Glidewells

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