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In Other Words: Pieces of my Life


“Throughout the history of God’s people as given to us in the Bible, we see that life is a test. We have before us the option to trust God “no matter what,” or to walk away from Him. To walk away from God is to leave the fragments of our dreams in pieces on the floor, but to trust Him is to let God pick up the pieces and make us whole again. When we choose to let Him make us whole again, He will make our lives more beautiful than before
~What I Learned from God While Quilting~ 
by Ruth McHaney Danner & Cristine Bolley~


his is being posted late on Tuesday, because I was cleaning my sewing/craft room today. (I did not even know what the quote was about until a short while ago.) I had too many piles and with now starting the Etsy store, I need to be more organized.  I have been quilting since I was pregnant with my twin girls, over 16 years ago.  I don’t do the fancy, elaborate type of quilting.  I’ve done little hand quilting.  I love to piece together, and get my sewing machine singing away.  I might not always have perfect corners.  But I love making quilts.  They tell stories or are made during a certain period of time.  Since my twins, I’ve made baby quilts for each of my little ones.  I also made twin sized quilts for my older sons and quilts for baby gifts.  I have a hard time thowing away cotton and flannel scraps because those scraps can be made into something.  That was one thing I had to clean up today.  All my scraps. 

There is a lovely quilt store in my town.  I love visiting it.  When my husband goes to the bank, I like to browse in it, getting too many ideas.  There’s everything from beautiful hand quilted king sized quilts to little quilted pillowcases.  Yet, the most interesting quilts are when visiting in a home.  There are stories with quilts.  A mama may put together a quilt from scraps of all the dresses she’s made for her daughters or a quilt is put together from grandfather’s wool suits.  What stories can be told from these quilts. I am still working on making one from special clothes we saved of our son’s clothes. 

Just like in my home, many quilters have boxes of scraps, pieces to put together to share a story.  When I was cleaning my sewing room today, I threw some material away, which was hard to do!  But, I have to declutter and I know some of it was too small, or I really did not like it and really would never use it!  It would not be a part of the picture of a quilt I’d want to make.  God pieces our lives together in the same away.  There are parts of our lives we do need to discard, and leave the old life behind.  As we follow Him, He puts the pieces of our lives together, fixing the frayed pieces, and as we allow Him, making us more and more in His image.  

I am doing a Bible study with the ladies at my church on the life of Abraham.  I can imagine the quilt his wife would make to pass down in their family, from the different lands they lived in, Sara’s “maternity” robe she never expected to wear and a piece from their son’s first blanket.  There surely would be pieces of material she’d want to throw away – maybe the gown pieces she was wearing shen Abraham wanted her to pretend she was his sister.  Or what about scrap pieces from the robe their son was wearing as he was taken to the alter to be offered.  Yet, as an old Sarah would share with her grandchildren a large quilt of her life, imagine the stories she could tell – imagine how she could share God’s leading and caring for her and Abraham, even amongst dark, frayed squares she’d rather forget.  She could show us where God pieced her life and Abraham’s lives back together.

What would a quilt of your life tell?  Aren’t you thankful it’s not finished yet?  God can take those pieces of our lives that were so dark, and show us how He was cutting away at our lives, to make beautiful, whole pieces of it – where seams won’t show, only His beauty being glorified through it.  Someday we will see His finished project!  We don’t have to throw away the scraps of our lives, but allow God to renew and make it like new. 

This week, Nina is hosting “In ‘Other’ Words” at her site, Mama’s Little Treasures  Be sure to visit her site and the links to the other women who have shared on this quote.
Be blessed.


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2 thoughts on “In Other Words: Pieces of my Life

  1. Loni-
    Sometimes it is hard to visualize what our quilt will look like when it is our time to go to Heaven,or understand why things happen the way they do.God bless you and keep you,I always enjoy what you write.
    I visited your Etsy store,your baby blanket is beautiful.
    connor’s mom

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