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The Choking Game – It’s NOT Just Boys (UPDATED)


ince our son’s death from the “choking game”, I’ve heard it said numerous times, it’s a “boy’s thing” or “boys will do high risk games” etc.  If you have followed previous links I’ve listed, you will find, it’s not just boys. 

And now, another family is grieving, and will be having funeral services for their  13 year old daughter, Sarah Beck, of Franklin, North Carolina, tomorrow.  Please read the article about this young girl. 

Then, please read this article, The Choking Game:  Are your kids playing?  Here is a short excerpt:

“14 News  talked to numerous young people all over the Tri-State area. While a few hadn’t heard of it, the majority had and many had tried it themselves as young as the sixth grade.

It’s called a variety of names, the choking game, the pass out game, space monkey, ghost. No matter what it’s called, it’s important to know it can kill you.

Kids as young as elementary school are playing it in groups. Some play it alone. It’s happening in your home, at school or on the bus. Children choking each other for a quick euphoric high. . .

. . . “It is just the same as Russian roulette, just not with a gun,” says Paula [mom of another girl who died from this game]. “I don’t want anymore to know what I’m going through. I don’t want any new friends that way. I want them to keep their kids.” “ [emphasis mine]

Please read the whole article – it’s long yet informative with the warnings signs to watch for, and may help save your child’s life or a child you know. 

03/03/08 addition – Here is another excellent editorial written on it.  Thank you Mr. Boyles for sharing.

In memory of my son ~ Matthew’s Story



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4 thoughts on “The Choking Game – It’s NOT Just Boys (UPDATED)

  1. Loni-
    Thank you for continuing to talk about this. We have to keep talking to as many people as we can.

    love and prayers from NC-
    Connor’s mom

  2. Loni,
    Thank you for spreading the word!! I worked with a runaway/homeless youth program in WI and this “game” was quickly gaining popularity at the schools (High School and Middle School). It was billed as a “free high” and “no big deal.” And yet, when questioned, teachers, counselors,principles, etc…had “never heard of it” and “weren’t concerned because our kids are smarter than that.”
    Lord willing, people like you will get through to these adults!! Thank you for all you do!!

  3. Two boys from my daughter’s class were found dead within the past two years. Brendan R. had died of the “choking game,” which I had never heard of until the night he died. This year in grade 8, Ruslan H. had committed suicide. We lost such significant people in our community that could have grown up and done something special to help others. I would think the healing of the families is so important. They need to take care of themselves, especially if the loss is still so recent.

  4. Loni,
    Your support has meant so much to me, in the months and years since the loss of our son, Joseph, in the Choking Game. Keep up the good work. May the Lord bless you and yours,

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