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New York Times Story on the Choking Game


oday on the frontpage of the New York Times there is an article all parents must read: Teenager Casts Light on a Shadowy GameSixteen year old Levi Draher from Texas played the choking game three times and after the last time he says "I died and came back."  Last October he was declared "clinically dead".  Being unconscious for more than three minutes, he also had a heart attack, was three days in a coma, and still remains on anti-seizure medications.  He is now sharing his story in highschools with Police Office Scott Methey. 

Thankfully, Levi Draher was given a second chance.  My son was not.  He died from this choking game, as most do.  If you haven’t talked to your kids about this so-called "game" please don’t wait another day.  The statitics ae scarey- though I personally believe it’s even higher, because as the article also states, many suicides may not have been suicide at all.

Some medical examiners and pediatricians are looking at the increased teenage suicide rate from suffocation over the last decade and questioning whether dozens of deaths listed as suicide might in fact have been accidental, the result of a choking game experience gone wrong.

In 2004, according to the most recent figures from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 779 children between ages 10 and 19 committed suicide by suffocation, up from 400 to 450 per year from the early 1980s through the mid-1990s, when the numbers began to rise. (from New York Times article)

It’s been over two years since our son’s tragic death in our home and though we are doing much better, and there is more joy than tears, there’s still not a day we are not reminded.  We rejoice greatly with the birth of our new precious son, yet, there is the sadness that Matthew will not meet him this side of heaven (and he loved babies).  Last week when my husband was at his business class and I and the children were painting our living room, we came across one of Matthew’s hunting license cards from 2002.  When we painted our stairway which is where the ambulance medical personnel came in, there was discussions of "that day" and the memories that will never be erased. 

MatthewMatthewsgravestone_2Someday our tears wlll all be wiped away as Jesus’ promises – ’til then we will miss our "forever 16 son" and we will continue to share what took his life from us.  Talk to your kids today.  Know the warning signs

Matthew’s Memorial Page

Choking Game Education:  Deadly Games Children Play 

This Is Why I Share . . . (a homeschool mom reads our son’s story and finds out her sons have tried it as well)



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3 thoughts on “New York Times Story on the Choking Game

  1. Thank you Loni,
    You will not know how many lives you will save by sharing this with people. There may be one at my church… that at least my knowledge of this “game” has brought it to light to his family, and is getting him help.

  2. I followed a link on “My Adventures and Antics” blog and was looking around your site. The story of Jessica with Mickey Mouse made me break down in tears. How beautiful! Disney really does know how to make wishes come true!

    After just a few clicks, I realized I’ve been to one of your sites before. I remember coming across the pages about Matthew.

    God bless you for having the strength and courage to share (so eloquently) your stories. They WILL help others…they do!


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