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The Choking Game – What YOU Can Do


ast week my friend’s husband pulled up in the church parking lot after AWANA to see two boys choking each other.  This was not the first incident of this at this Baptist Tennessee church. A leader spoke with one of the boys, and he said the typical, "It won’t hurt anyone . . . all you do is passout and then wake up."  He would not believe that it could kill him. 

Another mom, Kate also knows the same pain we have, with the loss of her only son Dylan Blake, from the "choking game". Kate has started a petition to bring awareness of the "choking game" in the D.A.R.E. programs which are taught in public schools, beginning in the fifth or sixth grade.  The main emphasis of the D.A.R.E program now is drug awareness.  The "choking game" is a "free drug" that kids are using.  As Kate shares on the petition,

75% of parents have no knowledge of this activity or the involvement of their children
In a Recent poll of 500 6th-12th graders:
53% of the boys admitted playing "The Choking Game"
Of those who admitted playing:
86% admitted to playing 2x/week
64% admitted to playing alone

Would you please sign this petition to help bring more awareness to kids who already know about the "game" to help prevent deaths.  And, for my many homeschool readers, talk to your children.  Because we homeschool, go to church, etc., does not mean these things won’t come into our home.  We know.  Matthew’s Story



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2 thoughts on “The Choking Game – What YOU Can Do

  1. Hi Loni –

    I’m the webmaster for an area elementary school. The principal of this school instructed me to put a link to a PowerPoint presentation about The Choking Game. I believe Dylan Blake’s name is mentioned.

    The link is:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

    (REPLY – Matthew is also on this slide presentation. He is #27 slide on this – thank you for sharing this link)

  2. hey, someone has died from that in my county. i remember a couple years ago when i used to go to football games, some kids would stand near the fence behind the bleachers passing eachother out…the cops never did anything, but i remember thinking that it was stupid…and you’re right…it’s a free drug. they use this as an “adrenaline rush” and it’s very sad…and i can only warn my son about these things, his peers are the ones that influence him. scares me. xoxo

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