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Two Months Until Christmas


wo months from today is Christmas, and I have not even begun to think of what we are going to do.  This time of year has such mixed emotions since it was exactly two weeks before Christmas that our son died.  Last year was survival.  We did not do much.  The last several years anyway we have given family gifts (games, family movies, etc.) to the children, and we concentrate more on their birthdays to give them individual, personalized gifts.  I have been thinking we need to bring some newness into this year, without all the commercialization, but the real meaning of Whose birthday it is.  We need more changes.

Today I was checking on Ann’s blog, Holy Experience, and Monday’s post is about her writing for another blog about a Christ-Centered Christmas.  You won’t want to miss reading this, as she gives glimpses into teaching her children to give, celebrating Advent, book suggestions, and keeping the busyness of the season limited.  She shares a precious story of how God taught her last Christmas, having to change their last minute plans because of sick children.  Instead of self-pity and the woes of not being able to be with extended family, God tucks a special meaning into this day, and like Mary, she pondered these things in her heart.

Our flu-derailed Christmas is right on track. This is exactly why Christ came. His point of destination was to sick people like us who writhed for a healing touch, who burned for living waters, who moaned for new bodies.

Ann shares a unique gift with her readers to contemplate and to begin a new tradition or just a new look at Christmas.  Take a peek.  It’s a gift that will keep on giving.



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4 thoughts on “Two Months Until Christmas

  1. Thank you, for sharing that link. It really helps to put the holidays in perspective. My prayers will be with you and your family during this holiday season.

  2. Thank you, for sharing that link. It really helps to put the holidays in perspective. My prayers will be with you and your family during this holiday season.

  3. Thank you for your Christmas message. It is worth remembering all through the year. I am so sorry for your loss. Holidays can be ever so sad when you are missing your loved one. My mother lost her father on Christmas Eve. She woke up at age 17 to find her father dead. The tree came down and preparations made. It was a time when the funeral viewing was in the home. Instead of a tree, gifts, and joy there was a coffin, crying and sadness. My mom has poured every happiness into the holidays. Not to erase her fathers’ memory of that Christmas Eve but to celebrate the joy of having him in her life and the Christmases they spent together. I grew up with the love and happiness of the holidays and the great memories of beloved family. You can’t help to have a hole in your heart for the loss of your son but the joy of his memory will fill you thankfulness for his beautiful life.

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