Throwback Thursday


ometimes when we go through rough times, it is easy to focus on all the bad of it.  Yesterday our 17 year old daughter had her bi-yearly check-up and despite all she has had to go through with three open heart surgeries, she is an amazing testament of how God brings the good out of the bad. When doctors at first said she may not make it a week, a month . . .  if she makes it to her first birthday, etc.  Now she is doing amazingly well.  We are so very thankful.

So Throwback Thursday from 2001 -
four years after her first two open heart surgeries.

Jessica 2001 2 001a

Jessica 2014

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Grandbaby & French Fries

French Fries

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wordless wednesday

Health Information Article: Suwit Muay Thai


or many people,  Muay Thai has proven effective exercise to boost weight loss and is cost economical. Muay Thai give people awesome health benefits such as building a strong body, as a powerful weapon in fighting, improving muscle strength and flexibility. Practicing Muay Thai every day is an effective way to burn a lot of calories, and fight the weight loss battle.

If you are looking for an effective solution to reduce unwanted fat, Muay Thai kick boxing is one solution. Muay Thai kick boxing comes from Thailand and is a famous martial art sport in the elephant country. Muay Thai helps teach people how to defend an attack from an enemy. and also teaches discipline, self control, focus and respect to others. When learning Muay Thai at a training camp, you will be assisted by professional teachers/instructor. For a first time student, they need to obey and practice all the instructors order. Before Muay Thai lessons, it is important to practice some easy exercises such as running, jogging, skipping rope and stretching for about 5-10 minutes. Muay Thai is an open and safe exercise for all men, women, and children and is ideal exercise for those that are overweight by helping to reduce any unwanted calories.  In addition, many doctors in the world respect Muay Thai as a way to eliminate weight loss as well.

Muay Thai boy fighters in Uttaradit, Thailand

Muay Thai boy fighters in Uttaradit, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are interested in beginning a Muay Thai course, research it on the internet where free Muay Thai videos and tutorials can be found.  However, you cannot learn everything about Muay Thai by watching videos and reading about it, but you can reach your potential with it at a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. Suwit muay thai is the best place to study Muay Thai where you will meet with professional teachers, make new friends across the world and learn from professional Muay Thai fighters.

Please do not hesitate to visit and explore Suwit Muay Thai where they are happy to help, guide and assist you get your ideal body with proper proportions in weight and size. Having a slim healthy body is main dream of many in this world. Muay Thai may make a dream become true.

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27 Years of Being a Mom, Today


 years ago today something quite amazing happened!  stephenboy2

I became a mom for the first time!!  

I was instantly in love with this 9 pound baby boy and
in awe of such a precious gift of life.

Happy birthday to my oldest son!
LOVE YOU and so proud of you!


YUP! God even supplies new bed sheets!


or the last couple of weeks  I was getting rather irritated while trying to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night because our bottom sheet had torn near the bottom – just where our feet are. You get the picture – get foot stuck in it, wake up and tear it more.  Yes, we use our sheets till they literally wear thin! These sheets are just over seven years old – having gotten them just before our youngest was born.  I could not sew it because much of the fabric around it was too thin.sheets

I did some extra babysitting last week, so I was on a mission to get a new set of sheets.  Being it’s been awhile since I bought a set of king sized bed sheets, I was in for some sticker shock, as well as my husband, hearing him, whistle at the prices.  YIKES!  Even with the extra babysitting money spending $50 to $75 on a set of sheets was too big of a lump when other bills were important. There was no way.

Hat DayI was rather bummed not finding what we needed, but it helped having the distraction of our grandbaby being here with us.  We found some fun, floppy summer hats for her to try on, taking pictures to show her mama.  receiptWe got to the checkout lane to meet up with our daughter and show her the pictures, and as I went on my phone, our local grocery store logo showed on my phone and it reminded me to check to see if I had any rewards.  I was blown away!  Because of what we had spent the previous month, I had a $30 reward – off of ANYTHING!  I almost ran back to the sheet aisle to find the right sheet set!  I didn’t even get the cheapest set of sheets!

I got those sheets home, washed and dried them and put them on our bed and ohhhh, what luxury it felt like!

Yes, my God even meets the needs of a nice new set of sheets!

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Five Minute Friday ~ Written


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may never have my name upon a book cover,  but something I enjoy doing is being is being a writer.  Way back when, I was the kid in school getting in trouble for passing notes. I was the writer of long letters then – I still am! I enjoyed the writing assignments for English and reading classes. Yes, even during college days,  I enjoyed helping friends write their papers for class… and then helping my college aged kids.

Another great past time of mine is reading the words and works of other writers, including reading the hostess of Five Minute Friday’s book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom.  I am in the middle of reading her book now, which just came out and will be giving a book review of it soon. You need not wait for my review – order it now!  It’s worth it!  Lisa-Jo is indeed a wonderful writer!

Besides writing here on my blog, I am also the writer of numerous journals.IMAG1269-1 And part of many of my journals is taking the writings of the Great Author, God, and writing down what has touched my heart at that time – sometimes rewritten as a prayer to Him, sometimes, just writing down and dating it and remembering how it touched my heart at that time.  To take the Words of God that He has written, and rewrite them to have them written on my heart helps me hold it closer and to look back and see the verses that were given to me at the right time along this journey of life.  

God’s Word is such a gift to us, so timely, and we can also give our words not only to Him through our prayers (in thought, aloud, or in writing) but we can give the gift of words to others – simply a note, or even journals that we keep and pass down.  I am so thankful I encouraged (sometimes forced) our children to keep journals as part of their schooling.  What treasures they are to have their written words to remember special times . . . to laugh over, cry over and be thankful for. Yesterday one of my married daughters was over, and we laughed at one of her journal pages, and then got out our son, Matthew’s journal, to reminisce over.  It’s a gift he left behind to us.

There is a writer in all of us – it needs to be share!

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Wordless Wednesday – Found Spring (temporarily)


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wordless wednesday

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